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Serviced Accomodation /Furnished Holiday Lets

Avoid Section 24 Tax rule

Furnished Holiday Lets are classified as a trade, and have a different tax treatment to an individual letting a standard buy to let property.  They are not affected by Section 24, and therefore, mortgage interest and finance costs remains claimable in full for these property types.

Claim Capital Allowances
Claim for plant Machinery such as Boilers, Kitchens, electrical, fixtures and fittings. Most commercial Business having a annual allowance up to £25,000

We partner with the UKs Premier Short-term rental operators.

Our fully-managed solution handles all bookings, guest vetting, housekeeping, meet & greet, concierge and maintenance services. 

All utility bills and Council tax paid, peace of mind and no voids

Option 1

Management fee option %

Double Your Income

A serviced let normally generates 30 - 50% more income than a long term AST let.


Option 2

Fixed assured Rental income up to 5 years

We manage your listing assure you a fixed monthly payment and make renting hassle-free.

We will pay your Letting fee if you are with an agent


  • We would be your Company tenant and pay Fixed  Rental for up to 5 years

  • No late payments, eviction procedures and legal fees

  • We will pay your current tenant find only fee plus 10%

  • You will continue to get full management fee plus 5% payed by our Company

  • The Landlord will  not be required to pay any management fee only for your maintenance if required


  • You can still charge us your standard set up Fee as we will be a Company tenant

  • You would not be required to do any work except pass rent and all bill costs to landlord paid by us.

  • We would take care of property all insurances  and manage all payments from guests and Corporate clients.

Complete peace of mind for your Business and Landlords


  • Achieve 100% occupancy across your portfolio. Diversify your rental strategy.

  • Units earmarked for dedicated short-term rentals:

       Generate a 20 - 50% net yield uplift vs. AST's.

  • Internalise serviced apartment yield uplift. Add "Guest Suite" amenity to the development


  • Yield optimisation, Guest management Hotel-style housekeeping                                

       24 /7 maintenance support.

  • Dynamic pricing Trust & safety product Furniture packages & financing, Integrated viewings


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