Rent to Purchase Options are an alternative way

for Vendors or Landlords

to sell their properties which have negative or little equity.



So what exactly is a Rent to Purchase Option 

• A Rent to purchase option is a contract between a vendor (seller) and a buyer (investor) which gives the buyer the use of the property from the date of signing the agreement. It also gives the buyer the right/option to purchase the property at agreed price, within an agreed term with vendor.


Benefits to the Vendor (Seller)

Peace of Mind

  • Up to 100% Market value paid

  • Faster completion than traditional Sale

  • No Estate agent Fees (save up to 2.5%)

  • Mortgage, Council tax, Buildings Insurance and utilities paid monthly.

  • Possible Share of tenant Rental fees

  • Possible upfront cash advance 

  • Share of increase in property future equity

  • There is a fixed period, agreed at the outset, within which the sale may complete. Typically this is 5 - 20 years.

  • The legal arrangements are handled by solicitors. (Fees can be covered by the Buyer)



  • The seller is free to move on.

  • The Rent to purchase option arrangement has helped many who may otherwise have lost the property in the face of changing personal circumstances, or are “reluctant landlords” and no longer want to be a landlord.

  • The seller will no longer be responsible for paying the mortgage payments during the option period.

  • The buyer (new landlord) is responsible for any maintenance issues that arise in the future-the seller is maintenance free.


  • Contracts protect the interests of the buyer and seller and are binding.

  • Our Providers have a wealth of experience of facilitating deals in this way, and an outstanding reputation as a provider of innovative, practical and ethical property purchasing solutions. They will be fully involved in the process to make sure it runs smoothly and once the lease option has started, as part of the agreement they will still manage the property during the agreed option period.

  • By having this clause in the option agreement it gives you a peace of mind that they are still involved in the process from start to finish. Therefore we can make sure the new Manager of your property is still putting good tenants into your property and is on top of the maintenance involved in the day to day running of letting a property.


Benefits to Buyer (Investor)


  • A buyer will look to rent your property out and make money on the rental income and the property increasing in value over the option period. The Rental income and equity gain could be shared between Vendor and Buyer. Generally option periods are between 5 - 20 years. The buyer will have the right but not an obligation to buy the property in the agreed option period.

• The attraction to a buyer of doing a Rent to Purchase option is that they can effectively get on the housing market without having to pay Buy to Let mortgage deposits which are currently a minimum of 15% because they are utilising your current finance with your mortgage company to do it.

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