Why choose Us?

  • The national statistics prove that 1 in 3 sales fall through when using estate agents

  • The average time to sell your home through an estate agent is currently 6 months

  • Then you will have to sign a fee agreement with the agent which could be as much as 3% + Vat and this prevents you selling through anyone else for 3 months

  • You will experience endless streams of potential homebuyers walking through your personal space with no certainty of them ever making you an offer

  • No privacy as you will have a large "For Sale" board on your lawn

  • Lastly, Estate Agents will not guarantee you a sale!




                                                                          SALES COMPARISON



     OUR SALES PROCESS                                                                      ESTATE AGENT PROCESS              


     Asking Price:            £100,000                                                          Asking price:                          £100,000  


     Agreed Price (90%): £90,000                                                            Initial agreed price (95%):     £95,000

      Agent Fees:               £0                                                                                        Post survey reduction (3%):   £2,850

     Legal Fees:                £0                                                                    Agent Fees:                            £2,400                           Council Tax & Bills (6 mnths): £0

                                                                                                                Legal fees:                              £1,000                    

     Total return after costs: £90,000  

                                                                                                                6 Month mortgage Interest     £3600

     Average sale time: 7 - 28 days                                                          Council Tax & bills (6 mnths): £1,800

     Privacy: Very private (no viewings)                                              

     Stress factor: Zero

     Guarantee: 100% Sale Guaranteed                                                   Total return after costs:          £83,350


                                                                                                                Average sale time:                  4 - 6 months                                                                                                                            Privacy:                                  No privacy                                                                                                                              Stress factor:                           High                                                                                                                                       Sale Guarantee:                      None





We will Source the Best Buyers from the Market place - Corporate Purchasing Companies and Private Buyer/investors


You will have complete control over the timetable and we will work to the dates that you request.


Selling your property fast should be an easy process. Therefore we want you to relax once you have agreed to sell your property.


No fees whatsoever and your legal costs paid.


We aim to achieve up to 100% of Market value paid at the speed that best suits you. We can assist with removals and will pay for an EPC where required.



Your Peace of Mind

All our Fast Property Sale providers are fully professional and belong to the following customer protection bodies:










Selling your house fast can be straight forward, when you choose our genuine Corporate cash buyers we guarantee you the certainty of selling your property as soon as you wish.


Please be assured there are no fees or contracts when selling and they will even pay your legal fees! 


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